Wednesday, May 06, 2009

* MSDN Code Search Preview

MSDN team has launched the preview of Code Search.

The target sites are MSDN Library, MSDN Code Gallery, and CodePlex.

Some of the search attributes :

  • Search by language.  Looking for ASP.NET examples?  Coding in C++?  Filter your search using the “Language” drop-down list.
  • Search using qualifiers. Filter your search by function calls, definitions, and more.
  • Search by technology area, called “project” in Code Search.  Projects include:

    o   Design Tools
    o   Development Tools and Languages
    o   Mobile and Embedded Development
    o   .NET Development
    o   Office Development
    o   Server and Enterprise Development
    o   Web Development
    o   Win 32 and COM Development

    MSDN Code Search Preview

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