Tuesday, December 26, 2006

* Enterprise Library 3.0 CTP released

Microsoft has released CTP of Enterprise Library 3.0.

Some of the main new features it has are :

1. The assemblies are strong named.

2. Validation Application Block : Framework for doing basic validation on types across the layers of an enterprise application. The framework can also be extended to do complex validations.

3. Data Application Block : Enhanced to support SQL Server Compact Edition.

4. Configuration : Enterprise Library Configuration tool has been integrated with Visual Studio

5. Application Block Software Factory : Its a guidance tool with automatic generation for new custom application blocks and application block provide classes.

You can get the release from following link :



  1. Hi
    I want to know how this Entlib3.0 && Validation block cn be used with .net 2.0?
    I tried to install, but in vain, and throws some errors
    does it mean that i wont be able to use entlib3.0 with .net 2.0??


  2. Hi Das,
    This is targeted for both 2.0 and 3.0.

    can u post some details on errors u r getting.