Wednesday, April 18, 2007

* Is Dw20.exe troubling you ?

Dw20.exe is a Windows Error Reporting tool which detects & collects information whenever any program crashes or stops responding. It then gives users the option of sending the report directly to Microsoft.

Yesterday while profiling an application, Dw20.exe used to start and use 80% of the CPU. Due to overall high CPU usage, computer stopped responding.

The reason behind this observation is that worker process was crashing because of some reason and Dw20.exe was detecting it and trying to collect that information, but because the machine was not powerful it was getting saturated. The kind of observation is more common on low end machine.

If you also face this issue, there is a way of disabling error reporting tool temporarily.

Pls do the following steps:

  1. Go to control panel.
  2. Click/Double Click System.
  3. Go to Advanced Tab.
  4. Click Error Reporting.
  5. Now you can select ' Disable Error Reporting' & Press 'OK'.

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  1. Wish that setting actually disabled error reporting. Despite changing it (and following some MSDN directions to disable via registry) I still get DW20.exe processes spawning regularly.