Thursday, April 26, 2007

* Tutorial : Perform Web Load test using Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2005 comes with a set of tools to perform load testing of applications and analyze their behavior under load.

This tutorial is for beginners and demonstrates how to perform load testing of a web application.

Following setups are covered in this tutorial:

  • Recording a web test
  • configure a load test for iterations, user loads, etc.
  • Reading output of load test.

The tutorial can be downloaded from following location :

Tutorial : Web Load testing using Visual Studio

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1 comment:

  1. (sent you an email with similar content) - I've noted a few things:

    1) the tutorial says to "add a web project" when it SEEMS to mean "add a web test"
    2) My own brand-new install of 2005 Team Edition For Software Testers doesn't enable the Record/Pause/Stop/ etc buttons in the browser; in fact, it LOOKS like the PAUSE button is pressed and disabled; there's a message that says that the Web Test Recorder must be launched from within Visual Studio. (this happens after I start a recording by creating a new web test, OR by hitting the round, red RECORD button on the Web Test tab)
    3) When I'm done recording (I stop using the STOP RECORDING link on the Web Test tab) nothing is generated; no URLs show up on the page; there's an empty te4st.