Tuesday, March 20, 2007

* Visual Studio : How to create Temporary Projects

By default when a new project is created, New dialog box requires a physical location where the project files will be saved automatically. But if you are into trying lot of language features or create lot of temporary projects, everytime creating a new project will create lot of files which may never be used again.

Visual Studio supports creation of temporary projects which means at the time of creation of new project, you are not required to provide folder path and you can decide to save the project at later point of time if required.

To enable temporary project creation support, the following setting needs to be changed :

Visual Studio 2005 -> Tools -> Options -> Projects & Solutions node -> General -> Clear the check box 'Save new projects when created'

Whether temporary project can be created depends on the template used for creation of project. The project template may or may not support the creation of temporary project.

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