Wednesday, February 21, 2007

* Workflow : Windows Workflow Services Overview

Windows Workflow foundation provides lot of services which can be plugged into workflow runtime based on the requirement. This reduces the overhead on runtime by having lot of services loaded without being used. These services come by default implementations but are fully extensible.

The main services which come with framework are :

  • Scheduling Services : This is to manage how workflows are scheduled. By default workflows are executed in async manner but they can be executed in manual synchronous manner also.
  • CommitWorkBatch Services : This is used to customize the commit process.
  • Persistence Services : Persistence service is used to make workflow failure proof and also to optimize the long running workflows. There are lot of events on which workflow runtime can call the persistence service if it has been added.
  • Tracking Services : Tracking service is used to monitor and troubleshoot workflows. There are lot of events which are raised by workflow runtime for various activity and workflow instance states. Tracking framework can be used to capture all these events and also user defined events. A default implementation using SQL Server as data store comes with framework.

Apart from extending above services, custom services can also be created and added to runtime.

Services are added to runtime using AddService method of the WorkflowRuntime class.

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