Tuesday, February 20, 2007

* WorkFlow (WF) : Defining Conditions based WorkFlow

Most of the workflow we see in our daily lives are multi path which means based on different condition they take different path before getting completed.

Be it a financial workflow like Funds Transfer happening in Corporate environment which based on amount goes to different approvers or a non-financial workflow like leave approval in an enterprise which goes to different approver based on who initiates the leave request.

WF default activity library provides IfElseActivity + IfElseBranchActivity activity to simulate condition based workflow.

WF provides two methods of defining condition in workflow :

  • Defining condition in code using the if-else statements of the language like :
if (i == 0)
Result = true;
Result = false;

  • Defining conditions using Rules which can be written programmatically or in XML file. The advantage which Rules provide over Code Conditions is that they can be changed at Runtime using Workflow changes.

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