Sunday, January 11, 2009

* IIS 7 : Enabling ASP.NET on Vista

Windows XP had IIS 5.1 , Windows 2003 came with IIS 6.0. Vista and Windows 2008 come with IIS 7.0.

IIS 7.0 brings a big architecture shift in http & requests processing pipeline. While comes installed with IIS 7.0, you need to specifically enable it to host website. If you have worked on IIS 6.0, you may not find the familiar UI on IIS 7.0.

To enable ASP.NET on IIS 7.0 on Vista machine, you need to do following:

Control Panel –> Programs –> Turn Windows features on or off ->


Expand the IIS node and check the ‘ASP.NET’ checkbox and you are done. More on IIS 7.0 architecture later.

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