Wednesday, June 04, 2008

* Announcing Project Codename 'Velocity'

Microsoft's Project “Velocity” is a distributed in-memory application cache platform for developing scalable, available, and high-performance applications. “Velocity” fuses memory across multiple computers to give a single unified cache view to applications.

Will be ideal for following kind of applications :

  • There is a considerable number of data requests that are mostly read (e.g. product catalogs)
  • Applications that can tolerate some staleness of data
  • Applications that can work with highly partitioned data (e.g. session data, shopping cart)
  • Applications that can work well with eventual consistency

Very true, Its very important that such kind of caching platforms like Enterprise Library Caching Block & Velocity are used after analyzing the requirements of application else you may get all the negative effects while expecting positive ones.

Hope to see EntLib Caching Block integrated with Velocity soon.

Velocity Home Page

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  1. Although Velocity has made progress from CTP1 to CTP2, it still leaves much to be desired. It will be some time before they provide all the important features in a distributed cache and even longer before it is tested in the market. I wish them good luck.

    In the meantime, NCache already provides all CTP2 & V1, and many more features. NCache is the first, the most mature, and the most feature-rich distributed cache in the .NET space. NCache is an enterprise level in-memory distributed cache for .NET and also provides a distributed ASP.NET Session State. Check it out at Distributed Cache.

    NCache Express is a totally free version of NCache. Check it out at Free Distributed Cache.