Friday, April 18, 2008

* Unified Communication : Development Platform

Various products participating in Unified Communication strategy publish software development kits / APIs to develop applications for UC platform.

Here is the list of APIs available.

o Exchange Server 2007 SP1 API

o Extending and customizing Exchange Server

o Office Communications Server API

Create applications that customize and extend OCS 2007. E.g. archiving, modification of message content body, message logging, filtering & blocking messages based on rules.

o Office Communications Server Application API

Provides Microsoft SIP Processing Language (MSPL) for custom SIP message filtering and routing.

o Office Communications Server Management API

Develop WMI extension for OCS 2007

o Office Communications Server 2007 Speech Server API

Develop voice response applications.

o Office Communicator Automation API

Extend and customize office communicator or access instance of Office Communicator from custom windows applications.

o Office Live Meeting Service API

Developing Web and Windows based client for Office Live Meeting.

o Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA)

Server or middle tier applications supporting real-time communication.

o Unified Communications Client API (UCCA)

Real-time communication clients similar to Office Communicator.

o Unified Communications AJAX API

Used to develop web based clients by providing programmatic interface to Communicator Web Access functionality.

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