Friday, September 21, 2007

* Patterns : Builder Creational Pattern

Builder Creational Pattern separates the process of construction of a complex object from its actual representation. This means that the same process can create different representations of same object.

Consider the following diagram :

The main class here is ShapeCreator which is called Director and controls the process of construction of object. 

    // Director
public class ShapeCreator
public void CreateSquare(SquareBuilder sb)

While Square is the actual object. RedSquareBuilder controls the actual representation of the object.

Consider the following client code :

    public class Client
ShapeCreator d;
public void Run()
d = new ShapeCreator(); //Director
SquareBuilder sb = new RedSquareBuilder();
Square sq;
sq = sb.GetSquare();
Console.WriteLine(sq.Color + " Color Square created");

Just by changing the instance value of SquareBuilder, another representation of Square can be created by ShapeCreator.

Download full source code from here : Builder Creational Pattern source code

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