Wednesday, August 08, 2007

* WCF : Diagnostics Features

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WCF provides an excellent out-of-box diagnostics features to monitor and troubleshoot client & services and communication between them.

This is one of the major area of improvement over Remoting infrastructure which provided very little out-of-box.

The best part is that most of it is fully configurable and you don't need to inject any diagnostics code in your functional code to achieve these features.

Some of the features it provides are :

  • Tracing : WCF provides an exhaustive trace messages infrastructure to monitor all success and failed activities happening in WCF scope. An excellent tool for troubleshooting the application.
  • Message Logging : Lets you monitor incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Event Tracing : All the breaking exceptions are logged into Event Viewer.
  • Performance Counters : Enough performance counters available to monitor app health out of the box.

In the next set of posts we will cover, how the above features can be used to monitor and troubleshoot WCF clients and services.

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