Wednesday, July 25, 2007

* Getting Ready for WCF

Before we start getting into WCF from coming Monday, following environment needs to be ready :

Pls let me know if there are any queries regarding this.

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  1. Vikas, Currently Im working with VS 2005 (without SP1 I guess) and .NET 2.0
    Most of my applications will be on .NET 2.0 only. And in the hosting server all the applications are running on ASP.NET 2.0 only.
    If i install .NET 3.0, can i still be able to use .NET 2.0 to develop my applications. If yes, how?

  2. Hi Mahesh,
    .NET 3.0 = .NET 2.0 + WCF + WF + WPF + CardSpace.
    So the BCL is still of version 2.0.
    ASP.NET also remains as 2.0.
    So no issues.

  3. Thanks Vikas.
    When i opened the links you have given for download, i found this statement in 'Microsoft.NET 3.0 SDK' download page

    "This download contains the SDK only. To build .NET Framework 3.0 applications for Windows XP or Windows Server, the .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Components must be downloaded separately."

    This means that SDK will give me only the samples and documents but not the actual .NET 3.0 framework and i should download it separately from the microsoft site.
    Am i right?

    And one more thing on download size
    VS2005 SP1 asks for 6.2 GB
    .NET 3.0 asks for 2 GB
    VS2005 extns for WCF asks for 10 MB
    .NET 3.0 asks for some 5 MB
    On an average i should allocate 10 GB totally for just working on these add on features. Why are they taking this much space?

  4. Yes Mahesh, You will have to download Runtime Separately. I have just updated the list. Thanks for that.
    Regarding the size.. Well these are download sizes and may not necessarily require the same size after installation. e.g. VS SP1 will replace the older files and so no significant increase in installaiton size.
    For sdk, i think you will have option of installting the only required components.

  5. Started downloading the files.
    Will install the files in the same order you have listed.
    Waiting for your WCF tutorials.