Thursday, March 22, 2007

* Overview of XML support in .NET framework

MS.NET framework provides an exhaustive set of classes to work on XML data and documents. Some of the main operations it supports are :

  • Parsing & writing XML
  • Manipulating in-memory XML
  • XML data validation
  • XSLT transformation

The base namespace where all the XML related classes are placed is System.Xml.

Some of the main classes available are :

XmlReader : Stream based non-cached forward only reading of XML data.

XmlWriter : Stream based non-cached forward only writing of XML data.

XPathNavigator : In-Memory processing ( editing & navigation ) of data stored in XPathDocument or XmlDocument

XmlDocument : Storing XML data & based on W3C Document Object Model (DOM)

XslCompiledTransform : XSLT processor

XmlResolver : Used to resolve external resources in XML documents

Will cover the detailed usage of above classes in next few posts on this.

~tata & take care~

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