Tuesday, November 14, 2006

* WCF : Introduction

Microsoft Technology to develop distributed application with a focus mainly on service-oriented applications.

It uses schemas and contracts instead of classes & types to define and implement communication.

It is interoperable with WSE 3.0, System.Messaging, .NET Enterprise Services, and ASMX Web services.

WCF services expose endpoints that clients and services use to exchange messages.

Each endpoint consists of an address, a binding, and a contract.

Address : It specifies where service is located and format is network protocol specific e.g. http or tcp.

Binding : It specifies transport protocol, security requirements & message encoding to be used by client & service for communication.

Contract : It defines what the service can do. WCF service publish multiple types of contracts like service contract, message contract, data contract etc.

WCF services can be hosted on IIS or in a console application or new Windows activation engine.

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