Friday, April 16, 2010

* Silverlight 4 Released


Start Learning Silverlight

1. Watch the Getting Started Video

Tim Heuer introduces the concepts and tools needed to get started with Silverlight development from a developers perspective. (13:02)

2. Read Tim Heuer's 8-part blog series on getting started

Tim's blog posts will walk you through the fundamentals of Silverlight and will help you build a sample application along the way. Each step includes source code as well as C# and Visual Basic code for the completed application.

3. Watch How Do I Videos

Over two dozen new Silverlight 4 videos including Jesse Liberty's new Silverlight 4 From Scratch series.

4. Read Jesse Liberty's Tutorials

Learn more about Silverlight with Jesse's tutorial series.

5. Learn to use Expression Blend

Read Adam Kinney's tutorials in “Through the Eyes of Expression Blend" to understand the key features of Expression Blend, then watch Jesse Liberty's 3-part video series on the same subject.

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