Thursday, April 29, 2010

* SharePoint and CMIS – Content Management Interoperability Services

What is CMIS – Content Management Interoperability Services Specification ?


A Web services interface specification that will enable greater interoperability of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. CMIS uses Web services and Web 2.0 interfaces to enable rich information to be shared across Internet protocols in vendor-neutral formats, among document systems, publishers and repositories, within one enterprise and between companies.

Who all are involved in creating this specification ?

Maintained by OASIS, Microsoft has been driving with several other major vendors (Adobe, IBM, EMC, Alfresco, OpenText, SAP, Oracle).

What is the current status of specification ?

Version 1.0 is currently open for public review and voting closes on April 30th 2010. After which it will be released soon. Approval press release expected on May 5th.

What is the scope of version 1.0 ?

The initial set of deliverables will be targeted for the following use cases:

  • Collaborative Content Applications
  • Portals leveraging Content Management repositories
  • Mashups
  • Searching a Content Repository

The following use cases should be able to be supported by CMIS Domain Model and Bindings, but are not primary drivers:

  • Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM)-centric applications utilizing Content
  • Archival Applications
  • Compound and Virtual Documents
  • Electronic and Legal Discovery

What is the support in ECM Products ?

Lot of ECM vendors have already started supporting it including SharePoint 2010.

What is the level of support in SharePoint 2010 ?

At the SharePoint 2010 Summit @ AIIM Expo, Microsoft announced that it with be shipping the CMIS Connector for SharePoint as part of the SharePoint Administrator Toolkit by the end of June 2010. 

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