Saturday, March 27, 2010

* Microsoft Office Communications Server ‘14’ announced

Here are highlights :

  • ‘Office Communications Server’ has been renamed to ‘Communications Server’. That’s on the same line as word ‘Office’ has been removed from SharePoint too.
  • Expected to see final release at the end of 2010.

As it was announced at VoiceCon 2010, mostly telephone related features announced as of now.

New features from Inside OCS

  • Location Awareness Capabilities:
    • Built into the next release of Communicator (Wave 14) and used by OCS on the server-side.
    • Location information can be manually set by the user, or it can be auto-set on the corporate LAN.
    • The location information can be sent on the SIP channel and used for 911 features.
  • Native E911 Support (in Microsoft Communications Server 14).
  • Tighter integration with SharePoint, Exchange, and Office.
  • SharePoint Integration:
    • New Communicator “skill search” functionality built into the next release of Communicator that searches SharePoint profiles to find people with the skills you are looking for.
    • Initiate audio and video communication directly from SharePoint search results.
    • Phonetic based search in Communicator to locate associated SharePoint information.
  • Voicemail Features:
    • Visual voicemail capabilities directly integrated into Communicator 14.
    • Multi-language translation capabilities (with Exchange 2010 voicemail integration).
    • Ability to jump to a specific point in voicemail.
  • Call Admission Control:
    • The ability to use bandwidth information and policies to know if a video call can be initiated.
  • Branch Office Survivability:
    • Several Microsoft Partners (i.e. AudioCodes, Dialogic, Ferrari electronic AG, HP, and NET) announced Branch Appliances that provide local telephony services in the event of a wide area network failure.
  • MCS ‘14’ website

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