Friday, October 03, 2008

* What’s new in ‘Dublin’ – The Windows Application Server

With the introduction of .NET to Windows Application Development, the need for end to end Application Server functionality starting coming out.

Before .NET, COM/COM+ hosting services provided much of the app server functionality for business components and IIS was there for website provisioning.

But COM/COM+ was not opened for hosting managed components and instead IIS was promoted to start acting as App Server also with Windows 2003.

In Windows 2008 it improved further with the introduction of Windows Activation Service (WAS) which together with IIS provided end to end support.

The new Application server codenamed ‘Dublin’ is trying to simplify it further by making deployment, management and scaling the applications easier.

Check out my quick article on the information which has been made public.

What’s new in ‘Dublin’. I will be updating this article as and when information becomes available.

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