Saturday, June 14, 2008

* Why we don't have these Microsoft events in India ?

India has one of the largest base of developers who work on Microsoft Technologies but still some of the major events have no presence here .. why ?

  • PDC
  • Sharepoint Conference
  • Office Developer Conference
  • SOA & BPM Conference
  • VS Live !
  • Financial Services Developer Conference
  • TechEd
  • MIX

Is someone listening @ Microsoft ... we want these events in India also.

Some of the events which take place in India are :-) :

  • TechMela ( similar to TechEd)
  • Architecture Days
  • Architecture Summit
  • Security Summit

Hope to see more events coming to India.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, i completely agree with you vikas. More over all these recent India events had MS blend and Silverlight stuffs..? wat abt MOSS,CLR etc.? MS should focus on core developers to have more products rather just service consumers.