Thursday, May 15, 2008

* MSDN Search 3.0 : Have you tried it ?

If you work on Microsoft Technologies and use Google Search to find related content, you are actually losing on productivity and good content.

Let's assume you need introductory information on Microsoft's 'Smart Client'  technology.

If I use Google to search .. here it is what I get. Keyword I have used is 'Microsoft Smart Client Application'. Here I am giving advantage to Google by using 'Microsoft' else I will get lot of irrelevant results.


The first result is a dead link which no more exists. All the other above shown links are not home page for Smart Client Application Development.

Now try the new MSDN Search 3.0



First you will see excellent auto complete help.


The first result shown here gives me a good overview of Smart Client Development and also other relevant links.

Now the added bonus is Refining Features which are just excellent. Based on my keywords, I am presented with relevant Topics and Sources for refinement which can help me to reach the required content very quickly without trying out various results.

MSDN Search has its own search provider which gets integrated with Internet Explorer's Search.


  1. to compare the results i think you must choose another not microsoft topic, i think that msdn search engine gives more visibility to msdn site.
    but i think too that the msdn autocomplete is a great think ;)

  2. Um, MSDN search is for searching MSDN. Why would you search for non-microsoft content on MSDN?