Thursday, March 20, 2008

* Unfortunate : India votes against OOXML again

Today was a disappointing day for both Microsoft in India and Microsoft community as the decision making body BIS again rejected OOXML as standard.

The unfortunate part is that anti-Microsoft groups are trying to influence such kind of decisions although most of the technical concerns have been addressed by Microsoft.

The report on CNBC India says that the resistance is more due to agreement which everyone adopting OOXML has to sign with Microsoft which restricts them from modifying it. This is not the case with ODF. I hope Microsoft will address this concern (if any) also soon. IBM who always takes excuse of Open Source to stand against Microsoft is pleased with the decision although Microsoft is trying to join the Open Source Community this time.

29th March is the last date for sending votes to ISO by member nations and I hope that it will be positive from India.

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