Wednesday, November 28, 2007

* Quick facts about MSDN Library

  • MSDN Library is available in multiple language versions like English, French,  Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, etc.
  • Can be installed with English and an additional Language version on the same computer.
  • Updates to the MSDN Library are available for download from the Microsoft Download Center.
  • Multiple major versions of the MSDN Library can be installed onto a single computer to provide documentation support for Visual Studio 2003, 2005, and 2008.
  • Detect and install missing prerequisites automatically using the new setup bootstrapper.
  • Install the MSDN Library to multiple networked computers through either a shared network image of MSDN or through Active Directory Deployment.


  1. Thanks for your timely updates Vikas and its been useful for me for the past 1 year, many times like Elib, patterns etc i enjoyed it. Would you pls discuss about WSF ( web service factory ) ?? thanks in advance..

  2. Thanks Mahesh for the kind words. Discussion on Software factories is definitely planned.