Friday, October 12, 2007

* Microsoft Interoperability Conclave : An update

Yesterday's conference 'Microsoft Interoperability Conclave' was a real worth attending and covered issues, expectations and initiatives around interoperability quite seriously.

Here are few updates :

  • Microsoft and Novell showcased the initiatives they have taken to make systems more interoperable. Virtualization features of Windows 2008 and capability of Silverlight to run on multiple platforms and browser was showcased as part of it.
  • Various ways of implementing interoperability were discussed like :
    • Defining & Implementing standards.
    • Interoperability by design.
    • Role of XML and Web Services (SOA) in making systems more interoperable.
    • Interoperability at Metadata level.
  • While IT leaders showcased their efforts, the educational & government institutes raised their concern & expectation from IT industry to make their platforms more interoperable with each other.
  • Microsoft Open Source Technology Program and Interoperability Lab @ Bangalore were launched which is open for anyone to try out ideas.
  • Some details about the e-governance project of India were presented and the kind of problems it is facing due to lack of standards based implementations. But after seeing the details I am confident that after 5 years from now Indians will be proud of best e-governance setup in world.
  • You can read more on interoperability @

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