Friday, July 13, 2007

* Tool : ActiveX Control Pad

If you are planning to host your ActiveX control in a web browser, than this tool is must in your toolbox.

What it can do ?

  • It allows you to generate/write html code which you can include in your actual production html pages which will host the control.
  • If you try to write this code manually, you need to know CLASSID and other properties exposed by control which is quite cumbersome to get. This control extracts all this information and creates a ready to use HTML page for your control hosting.
  • You can insert multiple controls on a single page using this tool and format them.
  • The scripting wizard lets you assign events and actions to controls and generates script which can be inserted in HTML pages.
  • This tool supports two types of output :
    • HTML Page : The generated HTML page which can be directly loaded into browser. You will have to add CODEBASE if you plan to use it on remote machine.
    • HTML layout page : which can be include in an HTML page.

Download ActiveX Control Pad

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