Saturday, June 16, 2007

* TechMela - Day 2

After realizing yesterday that this Mela is all about fundamentals of new technologies, i decided to attend the track on the topic which i have never explored before.

So whole day I was in Track 3 which was about 'Web Fundamental' and the Topic was ' Silverlight '.

Two speakers covered the six sessions on Silverlight.

Session 1 : Overview of Silverlight. Version 1.0 is in beta while 1.1 is in alpha stage. V 1.0 is only about XAML support while 1.1 gives .NET framework power to Silverlight. Basic demos of v1.0

Session 2 : Demos about how v1.1 uses the power of .NET and .NET assembly can be downloaded to user browser and executed in that space.

Session 3 : This was more about integrating Silverlight with web browser and interacting with non-Silverlight content on the page.

Session 4,5 : Info about the new CLR released for Silverlight which is a light weight version of actual CLR.

Session 6 : It was all about media integration in Silverlight. How Silverlight can be used to provide platform for displaying media to users.

Overall it was a very informative day... I will soon put a detail post on Silverlight which will make things clear in terms of what is for and how it fits in overall web space.

In the mean time if you are new to it, It is a platform for building Rich Interactive Applications using .NET for Web.

As i work mainly in Application/Solution Architecture space, tomorrow I will be attending most of the 'Composite Applications' and 'Office Business Applications' sessions.

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