Tuesday, December 12, 2006

* Visual Studio Performance Wizard

While looking for some alternatives to VTune from Intel, I came to know that Visual Studio 2005 Team system comes with a built in Performance Wizard where any type of managed code like standalone application or web application etc. can be profiled.

The Performance Wizard can be accessed using following path in Visual Studio:

Tools -> Performance Tools -> Performance Wizard.

This wizard provides two types of profiling :

1. Sampling : Where the target application is profiles at various events/intervals. The state of the application is recorded at that moment and report is generated out of it. This is a quick way of profiling application. The main output is memory related where report gives information about object instances and memory utilized with some information on call flow.

2. Instrumentation : This is more exhaustive profiling where the application state is recorded right from start till end. This is more useful for determining the complete call flows and the execution times of methods.

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