Tuesday, November 21, 2006

* WCF : Bindings

Bindings contain details which are required to an endpoint of WCF Service. The information contained in Bindings can be classified mainly into three categories :

1. Protocols : details of security mechanism, transaction context, reliable messaging requirements etc.

2. Encoding : details about message encoding like text or binary.

3. Transport : Transport protocol to use like http or binary.

The last two elements are mandatory parts of any binding.

WCF framework comes with some pre-configured binding which can be directly used in applications without mentioning the details about them.

Some of the bindings available are :

1. basicHttpBinding : HTTP protocol binding confirming to WS-I profile specification.

2. wsHttpBinding : confirming to WS-* protocol.

3. NetNamedPipeBinding : for connecting endpoints on same machine.

4. NetMsmqBinding : uses queued message connections.

5. NetTcpBinding : optimized binding for cross machine communication

Custom Binding can be created to handle more complex requirements.

The main features of any binding are :

1. Interoperability Type : kind of integration possible like WS, .NET, peer, MSMQ, etc.

2. Security : Level of security e.g. Transport, Message or Mixed.

3. Encoding : Type of encoding supported e.g. Text, Binary, MTOM.


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