Thursday, November 16, 2006

* Install .NET 3.0

I just updated my notebook  successfully with latest .NET tools and framework.

Installed in following order :

1.  .NET 3.0 runtime components

2.   .NET SDK 3.0

3.   Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition

4.   WCF & WPF plugins to VS.NET 2005

Things went smoothly except some exceptions which can be corrected if you restart machine after every component install even if not asked for.


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  1. Hello, I don't know why I picked you for posing this question, but TAG! You're it! :-) I have XP SP2 with .NET compact Framework 2.0 SP1 .NET Framework 1.1, Its Hotfix (KB928366), .NET Framework 2.0, and its Security update (KB928365) all installed. I have run into an installation problem with the new distribution of .NET 3.0 Framework that is not really documented much to speak of, and that is that it merely says there is an installation error, and it can not be installed, and it reverses the process and asks me to send a report to MS. I have inspected all of the .txt logs in the TEMP folder, and can find no real documented reason why it is failing. I also have tried all of the fixes and suggestions I could Google for concerning this particular type of problem, one with no error code at all. Everything from changing permissions, new Windows installer, MSXML6, which the system said I had a more recent release of and various other recommended hotfixes and patches. I have run the .NET 3.0 uninstallation tool, and as per my own recollection, there has never been any attempt to install this before or any pre-release versions either, as the uninstaller tool indicates nothing is present to uninstall.

    I am at a real impasse now as I am down to Google posts of strictly no relevance, and of course MS's pages on installation problems are rather meager. I have a good download as I have downloaded the package in many forms from varying sources all with the same results. Do you have any recommendations where I can go from here? Is there something obvious that I am missing on this one? I sure hope it is not as simple as uninstalling previous versions of the Framework, but it is my understanding that not only should that not be necessary, but would not be the thing to do either, as I have met with no information to suggest that this release does not just augment the prior releases that I have present.

    If you have any ideas for me I will entertain anything right now, from direct suggestions to direction as to where or who to turn to next. Thank you much for your time, and I hope if I am edited out, perhaps you will take the time to respond to me in some way on your blog. Thanks, and sorry if this is not the correct forum for introducing this issue, I just am stuck in a bad situation, with no known alternatives as of yet.

    Thanks, and best regards,
    Doug W.
    PUPCo Studios

  2. Thanks, I left a comment for you regarding installation woes with the .NET 3.0 distribution. After goofing with permissions in the registry to no avail I went to services and turned on virtually every service that would actually run, and finally got an install. What PITA. This is an Audio?video Production Suite ONLY MACHINE, and therefore I have no use for many services to waste RAM and processing cycles, therefore, there was a lot of "fat" trimmed out of services in the way of unneeded crap to slow down and hinder its use as purely a Studio production server. I thank you for reading these posts, and please feel free to disregard my plea for help as I am now OK and installed. Now the only thing is to go back through and trim the "fat" out again to free up resources as they are at a real premium. Funny I only even have Internet service on this machine to facilitate the need for updates to software and such, and now with possession of a small USB flash drive, I doubt that is even really necessary anymore. If you were to comment to me on anything, perhaps it would be personally in the realm of the idea as to whether or not I am crazy for stopping so many unneeded services... I will give you the lowdown on the CPU for your opinion if you have the time or desire. Thanks in advance, and no need to post, if you care to comment I would love that and I may be reached directly at: you may find once I tell you of this computer's specs it is ludicrous for me to worried about most of the services I have stopped; dunno...

    SuperMicro H8DCE Extended ATX Server Board
    Two Dual Core Opteron 265's
    8 GB of RAM (waiting for an OS that will be able to use it... not x86 XP)
    Cards galore as in all seven slots full and a seven slot MAGMA PCI Expansion Bay with Four UAD-1 DSP cards
    Way too much drive space and RAID space
    and not that this matters at all, everything water cooled and electronically managed.
    Oh yeah, retarded blue lights, why? I am not yet sure why I did that... :-)

    Anyway, if you care to comment on the affect of the services running on my overall picture, I would love to hear about it.
    Douglas Wire
    PUPCo Studios